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Clee Kids Club is an out of school activity centre for

3-11 year olds, set up to help working parents, or parents who wish to return to work or training, who have a need for a ‘minder’ facility during term time or holiday periods.

The Club is run like a children's centre, with lots of traditional activities ranging from  art, crafts and dancing, to board or outdoor games.

Day trips are also available during the holiday periods.

We encourage all kids to play together, regardless of nationality or religion, to help nurture a fun and positive environment.

The staff are all DBS checked, and will take part in many of the activities, encouraging new hobbies and interests to grow.

A member of staff will pick up the children from schools within the Grimsby & Cleethorpes area and bring them directly to the Club, either by car or walking, depending on the location of the school.

Fun for the kids -

Peace of mind for you!